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German acronym for TransferZentrum für Neurowissenschaften und Lernen or, in English, Center of Neuroscience and Learning Transfer. It was founded in the city of Ulm, Germany, in order to investigate about how neuroscience has an impact on learning. For this purpose, ZNL works with the knowledge of neuroscience at the service of teaching through a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, scientists of education, medics, biochemists and linguists. One of the great challenges facing the ZNL, lies on the complexity in transferring knowledge of neuroscience to make it educational knowledge. For this reason, different levels were stablished according to different fields commonly considered relevant in education. These are: dyslexia, physical exercise and learning, emotion and learning, learning and memory, memory consolidation and nutrition and memory. For more information: Libroà OCDE. (2010). The understanding of the brain: The birth of a learning science. OECD Publishing. (La comprensión del cerebro: El nacimiento de una ciencia del aprendizaje)