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September twelve

Video game created by Gonzalo Frasca, commercial designer and academic researcher at the Research Centre of the University of Information Technologies of Copenhagen. The game is based on the philosophy of the Newgames, those characterized by combining playful and social. On September 12th it seeks to show how a violent response to the attacks of March 11th in Madrid would be, carried by occidental armies. Thus, the player is a member of a Western army with a mission to "fight terrorism" using a bomber. He/she may experience how violence begets violence and that, in attacking the village - with oriental urban characteristics - in which live terrorists and civilians, people lament the loss of life caused by the bombing. This produces more civilians turning into terrorists due to the desperate situation of servitude and extreme violence plaguing their city. This is an innovative idea of a videogame in which events based on the real interest like social and political problems are played. Want to play?