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Pontevedra is a coastal city, capital of the province of Pontevedra, located southwest in the autonomous region of Galicia, in Spain. The Atlantic Ocean enters the city forming the Estuary of Pontevedra, one of the six that form the Rias Baixas in Galicia. It belongs to the International Association of Educating Cities that distinguishes Pontevedra as a city committed to its citizens. In recent years, the city has been reformulated under a management philosophy of urban public spaces that respects people over motor vehicles. For this a multidisciplinary team of planners, politicians and educators has been created. Francesco Tonucci is a regular contributor. The mayor, Miguel Anxo Lores, has stated on numerous occasions that Pontevedra is inspired by The city of children, the work of Tonucci in which places children at the centre of urban life. In addition, with the creation of the network of "School Paths" it is intended to empower the child in order to make their way school-house independently, without being accompanied by an adult who frees them form traffic hazards. The city regularly hosts conferences, seminars and talks where they reflect on ideas about how to combine the pairing childhood-city.