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“The clowns” film by Fellini

Documentary film directed by Federico Fellini in 1970. It aims to honour the profession of clown and its little artistic recognition. Fellini appears in the film as a child who is excited about clowns and that is fortunate that a circus is installed in the vicinity of his home. The film includes interviews with clowns that were very important but fell forgotten by society, as well as Fellini's obsession with the circus as a child and a final tribute to the clowns. There is a very significant moment in the film in which what appears to be the mother of Fellini, threatens him that if he doesn’t "smart up" she will take him to the "gypsies" of the circus. Far from being intimidated, Fellini leaves his house trying to pry into what lies behind the circus tent. In this scene is evident the dichotomy between what is often regarded as the greatest evil for the grownups and for children, before being influenced by subjective judgments of value, is a source of fantasies and secrets to discover. Fragment of the movie