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Past and present of Spanish videogame

“(…) Past and present of Spanish videogame” is a cycle of conferences and an itinerant interactive audiovisual showing with Spanish videogames as protagonists. The objective is to make a revision since the beginning of this cultural and economic industry in the 80’s (companies like Dynamic, Opera Soft, Topo…) until their current evolution in the last years of successes (PyroStudios, Péndulo, Zinkia). Past and present of Spanish videogame is a project of ARSGAMES in collaboration with the Institute of Cervantes (…) What is ARSGAMES? “In Arsgames we are those who think and experiment with videogames. We are professionals, artists, investigators, students… who work around research of videogame in all of its aspects (educational, cultural, economic, artistic, etc.) (…)”2 Pictures of the interactive audiovisual showing