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Videogame that was originally created and launched by an independent game company that is now part of Microsoft. In its pre-launch, in 2009, discussion tools were given to users like forums and blogs in order to establish a reciprocity that helped the collective construction of the game. After several modifications resulting from this process, the official version is launched in 2011. Minecraft is an open world videogame or sandbox. Sandbox are those games where you start "from scratch", you need to create from scratch everything you need to move on and modify a virtual world that will become as their own. It is also a non-linear game, although an objective and goals to achieve are suggested, it does not have a well-defined game line, the player has autonomy in actions and decisions without being fixed to guidelines. This allows them to establish their own targets for progress in building a virtual world based around own interests. In it a character is handled in first person which can explore the world and interact with it. Some of the activities you can do in this game are: obtaining minerals, create different items, weapons, armours and tools and fight hostile creatures. The objective is suggested from the beginning, which has been mentioned, it is optional, and consists on travelling to another dimension called "The End" and defeat the dragon that is there. This game has multiplayer mode.