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“Educating in the amazement” book

How to manage a kid, and then a teen, being able to stay observing with calm around him, able to wait before having, able to think, with motivation to learn without fear of effort? Kids grow up in an environment that is getting more frenetic and demanding that, on one side, has made the educational task more complex and, on the other side, has moved it away from the essential. For its future success, we see necessary to program them for endless activities that is moving them away from traditional leisure, from free game, from nature, from silence, from beauty. Their life has become a true race for jumping stages, what takes them away from their own nature more and more. A lot of kids are missing the best of life: discovering the world, getting into reality. A deafening sound silences their questions, the strident screens saturate their senses and interrupt the slow learning of every wonderful thing that is to discover for the first time. Educating in the amazement raises again learning as a trip that is born from the inside of the person, a wonderful adventure provided by a deep consideration of what reclaims the nature of children such as respect for their innocence, their rhythms, their sense of mystery and their thirst for beauty. For further information on the author and her book.