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“(…) Project created by Clara Boj and Diego Díaz in the year 2000. Their projects involve the notion of public space transformed by the new digital technologies, the hybrid city. Their main works propose new devices (both conceptual and technologic) that reformulate the perception and the experience of urban environment. In this sense, they pass their proposal directly to the street in order to cause the encounter between the physical places, the digital spaces and the people. (…)”1 Currently their projects explore non lineal narrative using geolocation devices and other resources from the location media in order to create narratives that combine layers of physical and digital information. With the name of HybridPlayground, they started developing in 2008 a ludic project that tries to transform playpens into videogame scenarios. More info about HybridPlayground. In 2014 they decided to transform this project and convert them into a commercial product. Currently they are working actively on it, looking for funding and developing educative apps.