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The L.G.O.E.S. or Organic Law 1/1990, of October 3rd 1990, of General Order of the Educational System was promoted in Spain by the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party that formed government in the Congress during the term 1989-1993. The organizational reform focused on the so called General Regime, establishing four stages: Preschool. From zero to six years old, divided in two cycles (0-3 and 3-6). Free and non-compulsory. Compulsory Primary Education. From six until twelve year old, divided in three cycles of two school years each: first cycle (1st and 2nd grade); second cycle (3rd and 4th grade) and third cycle (5th and 6th grade). Compulsory Secondary Education (C.S.E.). From twelve until sixteen years old, divided in two cycles of two school years each: first cycle (1st and 2nd grade) and second cycle (3rd and 4th grade). Baccalaureate, with the addition of new modalities: artistic, technological, social sciences, health science and humanities. Depending on the modality chosen, different university studies become accessible after passing selectividad or University Access Test (U.A.T.). It was still possible to choose the path of Professional Training: P.T. I, accessible once obtained the school diploma at the C.S.E.; F.P. II, once Baccalaureate was finished. In addition, “Special Education” and Education for adults were regulated. Amongst the most important reforms stand out the mandatory school attendance until 16 years old, the promotion for the baccalaureate access of the youngest, the increasing prestige of the Professional Training, the concession of autonomy to School Councils allowing them to choose the director and the transfer of competencies to Autonomous Communities in the field of education, encouraging the decentralization of the educational system. However, plenty of other confronted challenges stood unfinished: the attention to diversity, the improvement in the quality of teacher’s training, the educational and curricular innovation and the high school failure. It was derogated in 2002 by the Organic Law of Quality of the Education (O.L.Q.E.) Full official text of the Law