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Homo sapiens

Generic term used in social sciences as an anthropological frame of reference to understand the historical and evolutionary process of human beings. It is therefore necessary to interpret the etymological meaning of the term as it involves its nuclear representation: homo sapiens; homo, Latin for "man" and sapiens, "wise". Homo sapiens is the latest evolution of the human species and is characterized for some genuine mental abilities in the history of the evolution of primates: the ability to invent and create (homo faber), ability to learn abstract concepts, ability to develop complex linguistic and mathematical structures... From an ethological view, is the latest evolution of the species of primates from the family of hominids and, regarding the behavioral, it has been tried to analyze their behavior through different disciplines: sociology, psychology, political science, pedagogy... From an anatomical point of view, it also has distinctive characteristics as a semispherical skull and vertical forehead.