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Gamestar(t) is an innovative and exciting recreational and educational project of the association where technologies, video games and art are mixed in an explosive creative combination where children are absolute protagonists, taking control and deciding for themselves. After a successful stage developed in several areas of Madrid Gamestar(t) has been expanded to other cities (Malaga and Valencia) with a program focused on the creation and development of projects in which children discover and develop video games, robots, machinimas and much more. The project is halfway between the horizontal and collaborative artistic and technological creation and critical pedagogies and forms a self-managed meeting and learning place for children of 7-18 years, where the technological processes of creation of a form is addressed in a ludic way trying to turn participants into agents of creation and experimentation, not just taxable persons subject to the flow of technologies. Gamestar(t) is a point of intersection of art, technology and educational innovation. The project combines the advantages of technologically-mediated education with innovative teaching models based on free pedagogies. Organized in a horizontal and assembly way, the project participants decide their development, content and knowledge they wish to acquire forming a space of self-managed learning. While video games have a central role in the activity, other elements that coexist with video games as a form of artistic and technological creation are also integrated (comics, cinema, painting, music, sculpture, computer programming, etc.) (...)"1 Gamestar(t), the project (Complete)