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Friedrich Fröbel

Born in Germany in 1782 and died in Austria in 1852. German educator and creator of preschool education. He also coined the term Kindergarten. It is one of the precursors of the active pedagogy. For him, the action or activity is the antecedent of thought. Education, therefore, must pretend to stimulate the activity of the child to reach truly meaningful learning. In the infant stage, this activity is shown by the game and understands the toy as a medium and essential process. He defends spontaneity, respect for the natural evolution of the person and education based on the interests of children as the core of educational action. Froebel is the creator of the “gifts”: six kinds of toys to stimulate the intellectual, psychological, sensory-motor and social life development. Today, they are in almost all our preschool classrooms. Find out in this video some of these toys or gifts that Froebel designed as tools for education. To know more: Fröbel, F. The education of man, Madrid, 1913.