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Francesco Tonucci

Francesco Tonucci was born in Fano in 1940. It is also known by his pseudonym "Frato", acronym that responds to his name and surname. It is an Italian educator and psychologist attributed to numerous books and documents about childhood in today's life: their rights, their active participation and the role they should play in the cities. He has been able to internationally spread the importance of education for children thanks to his excellent work as an illustrator. In his cartoons, it is common to find a child and his thoughts, thus acting as speaker of his needs that are often ignored by the adultcentrism. His educational ideas advocate a school that recognizes the knowledge and skills that children acquired from birth. He conceives School education as a support for children and an incentive to arouse their curiosity. He warns of the need for good training of teachers to undertake this important challenge that society has to bear. Only good teachers and families involved can we achieve a democratic social development. Most of the work of Tonucci is focused on Articles 12 and 13 of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child to defend freedom of expression of children and that these are taken into consideration in that matters that affect them and their right to rest, leisure, play and participate in cultural and artistic activities. His project The City of Children, held since 1991 in Fano - his hometown - has been a benchmark in children’s participation in public and political life.