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Emmi Pickler

Born in 1902 in Austria and died in Hungary in 1984. Pediatrician, she is known for her great work as a director for more than three decades in the Loczy Institute, a host institution for orphans and abandoned children in Budapest. Their high level of commitment and professionalism made the Loczy Institute became a benchmark for the World Health Organization, which funded a study on the development of children with a stay in the center. The results were excellent, to the point of becoming the National Institute of Children's Homes Methodology Hungary. This made it a training center for pedagogues, teachers, psychologists, medics, nurses and caregivers. Emmi Pikler turned the children’s into an object of study. She focused mainly on the global motricity development of the baby. She was especially careful when it comes to providing a favorable environment for the natural evolution of the child, respecting the natural rhythms and opting for the philosophy of non-intervention. To do this, Emmi Pikler designed manuals for workers of Loczy where it was explained in detail how the physical space of the child should be managed: types of furniture, diapers adjustable to encourage mobility, cutlery with less weight, types of toys, etc. Want to know more? "Loczy, a place to grow"