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City of the Children

Project conducted by Francesco Tonucci since 1991 in Fano - Italy- his hometown. The project implemented the institutional creation of the Municipal Council for Children and sought forms of child and teenager participation for decisions about the design and planning of the city, its services and spaces. This way a new philosophy of government for the city is built, in which children are empowered on power of choice over city schemes. Following this experience, an international network of more than 200 cities has been created, where Tonucci participates as a consultant. In 1997 the book "Città dei Bambini" is published, where Francesco Tonucci exposed to public officials in the cities a model of respectful cohabitation with children. Currently, he has just published a translated reissue into Galician and foreword by Anton Costa Rico. Want to get the book? 2014 edition in Galician. 2004 edition in Spanish.