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Bernard Aucouturier

Born in 1934 in Tours, France. He is known as the creator of the psychomotor practice. After finishing high school, he began studying to become a physical education teacher and began to exercise its teaching in Lyon. He withdrew soon as it considered that the profession was too focused on the sport. However, it is there when his interest in movement analysis and psychomotricity was born, approaching pedagogues as Ovide Decroly, Celestin Freinet and Montessori, among others. It was a relentless researcher and worked with various neuro-psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychologists. Through its educational and clinical experience he has built the foundations of the Psychomotor Practice. He has developed much of his practice with "(...) children in the nursery, in the field of my educational and preventive activity, also with children who show difficulties in kindergarten or elementary school and children from special education schools (...) "(Aucouturier, 2004: 15) In 1987 he created the European Association of Schools of Education in Psychomotor Practice, of which he is the founding president. Today he continues his training activities in the schools attached to this association. For more information.