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Arno Stern

Born in Kassel, Germany in 1924. His story begins after World War II when placed in charge of a group of war orphan children in Switzerland. Without any experience with children, he used the free drawing as a resource for keeping children entertained. The activity proved to be a success and, thereafter, began his career. He made an anthropological study of child drawing in the twentieth century tribes who had not yet had contact with Western society. From this study his idea for the "Formulation" was born, whereby Stern explains that we all have an "organic memory". This is verifiable through the interpretation of the free and spontaneous drawings analyzed over the world in which a number of figures and representations coexist regardless of the place of origin of the individual. Much of its activity is carried out in "The Closlieu". This is a place prepared and designed for the development of the "Formulation". A place where people of all ages can go to develop free and spontaneous drawings with the sole intention of experiencing the pleasure of the activity. Regarding this hedonistic conception of painting, Arno Stern said: "It is important, for his balance, that the person has the opportunity to escape the vigilance of his reason to surrender to an unintentional act" (Stern, 2008: 29). Access to his website.