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A film about kids and music

Documentary genre movie that chronicles the process of rehearsal that the Sant Andreu Jazz Band of Barcelona held on the occasion of its performance at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona with large world-class artists. The documentary shows the philosophy of learning that the band director, Joan Chamorro, shared with the young twenty -from 7 to 20 years- that make up the group. Its active methodology, strategies for motivation and the teacher-student relationship based on trust are some of the details that can be appreciated in this regard. The film offers the way Joan Chamorro takes advantage of the music as a center of interest for the transmission of fundamental values ​​that go beyond academic training: discipline, humility, responsibility and camaraderie. Also, Joan Chamorro talks between the various partner musicians: Terell Stafford, Jesse Davis and Wycliffe Gordon. In this conversations they offer interesting reflections about the musical pedagogy. The film can be purchased in physical form through the following link: A film about kids and music There is also the option of viewing online at: A film about kids and musics in Filmin