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Teresa Banet

Studied architecture specializing in urban planning in the Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid in 1987. She undertook postgraduate study in landscape and urban environment, urban planning, infrastructures and mobility management. She also studied city management in information society in the Open University of Catalonia in 2006. She won the national award Premis Acces 2006 for research and accessibility implementation in the urban area and housing. She is specialized in parks and urban gardens design; she was awarded for the Parque do Pasatempo in Betanzos, the new park Bilbao, the botanical garden of Santiago de Compostela, she was invited among 10 European architects to participate in the contest of El Meandro de las Ranillas Expo Zaragoza. She also did the project of Ciudad del discapacitado ASPAS in Santiago de Compostela.

Teresa Banet

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