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Marco Zagal

PhD in Education and Society in the University of Barcelona. Master’s Degree in Didactics of Experimental Sciences of Autonomous University of Barcelona. He is a teacher of chemistry and biology, specializing in creativity and learning, and of neuroscience applied to education from the Montessori approach. Collaborator for the Educational Counseling and Research Group (GIAD) in the University of Barcelona. Founder, director and trainer in Montessori Canela, where he has carried out diverse training and counseling activities in Montessori education, neuroscience and environments prepared for academic learning: in projects of free education, public schools and teaching resource centers (TRC) of the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia in Escoles Bressol, as well as in preschool and primary schools and public high schools in different regions of Spain. Trainer of educators in Montessori Education and neuroscience in the Institute of Education Sciences in the University of Barcelona, in the Master’s Degree and Postgraduate studies of Early Childhood Education “Universal Educational systems and implementation of current educational tendencies”. Member of the Montessori Spanish Association (AME).

Marco Zagal

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