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Irene de Puig

Is the director of GrupIREF (Innovation and Research of Teaching Philosophy Group)
Teacher who is graduated in Philosophy and Catalan Philology; she has worked in every educational level: one year in an infant school once she finished her Education degree, in a primary school while she was studying at the University of Barcelona and many years in high school. Through the project Philosophy for Children, she combines her job as a trainer of educators with the university.
She has more than 30 publications, including textbooks, essays, curricular material of philosophy for children, as well as many collaborations in articles and talks in shared publications. Regarding games, she has a publication in Noria Project: Juegos para pensar (Thinking Games, 9-10 years) Jugar a pensar (Play to Think) for childhood education or Vamos a pensar (Let's Think, 2-3 years).
At present, she is the coordinator of a two-year Master’s Degree program, Philosophy for Children, and an online specialization course: “Vamos a pensar en la escuela infantile” (Let’s Think about Infant School); she also teaches face-to-face courses in the University of Girona or in other institutions if required.
She has organized and participated as a speaker in many congresses and seminars related to philosophy, ethics, education in values, methodology, etc. in Catalonia, Spain, Italy and some South American countries such as Mexico or Colombia.

Irene de Puig

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