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Gema Cotallo

Teacher of elementary school; specialist in techniques for the development of creativity and artistic expression; creator and coordinator of the project La Violeta, Espacio para el Juego y la Comunicación, por una Infancia sana (Violet: Space for the Game of Communication for a Healthy Childhood), dedicated to the display of spontaneous play and the accompaniment to children between one and six years old and their families. Promoter and coordinator of the advanced university course in Active Education and Respectful Accompaniment to the Childhood, in the King Juan Carlos University in Móstoles (Madrid).

She has been dedicated to the accompaniment of children for more than 25 years in different areas: school, therapeutic and artistic. She has been and is the search of the most authentic, warm relationships, between children and adults, which allow us to grow up together, in a more healthy way. She has experienced, through her background and her job in La Violeta, how through the spontaneous play, a healthy development is produced and children conquer the learning in an independent, organic and vital way. All of this has made her want to offer her experience through training and advising, with the intention of providing a look deeper and more respectful to the childhood, which deserves to be treated with respect, love, confidence, humor, dedication, art, balance, and listening...

Gema Cotallo

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