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André Stern

Was born in 1971; son of a researcher and educationalist Arno Stern. André Stern grew up without any form of education. He tells his experience in numerous conferences and workshops and in his book Yo nunca fui a la escuela (I never went to school), available in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.

Married and a father of a little boy, André is a musician, music composer, guitar maker, lecturer, journalist and author. He was appointed as the Director of the Initiative Men for Tomorrow by Professor Dr. Gerald Hüther, researcher in advanced neurobiology. He is the promoter of the movements "Ecology of Education" and "Ecology of Childhood", and Director of the Arno Stern Institute (Laboratory for observation and preservation of the spontaneous dispositions of children)

He is one of the protagonists of Alphabet, the new film by Austrian director Erwin Wagenhofer (We Feed the World and Let's Make Money) and co-author of the book with the same name (ECOWIN Edition, 2013).

His work in the media and his activities as a lecturer in universities is created, since educational professionals and the general public, responds to a growing interest of all that, near or far, live and work with children.

André Stern

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