Who are we?

We are the non-profit association Samthing Visual.

Elena Cruces: The dreamer of the group, always has time to create new projects.

She loves to travel, be with the people she loves and see the three hundred seasons of any TV-series.

What she likes least is doing things when she does not feel like doing them.

Julián Maguna: He's the one that keeps our feet on the ground when we start dreaming. After editing the interviews, he can recite them from beginning to end without skipping a single comma.

He loves observing.

He does not really like when you chew crunchy things beside him.

Sam Joe Hardie: Restless and adventurous, it is responsible to portray all the beauty of life with his camera.

He loves to sleep, travel and spend the day eating hamburgers.

What she likes least is his sinusitis, which keeps him from smelling the scent of flowers.

Eloy Táboas: The youngest of the team. As a good sound engineer, he passes a lot of time quietly, but he hears everything (do not tell secrets around Eloy).

What he likes best is travelling and quality humor, having Loulogio as main reference.

What he likes least is having to wait.

Zalo Estévez: The king of Illustrator and Photoshop. Responsible for the thousands of Imagine Elephants designs.

He’s very competitive and loves the feeling of winning.

What he likes least is the smell of tangerine.