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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud was born in 1856 in the old Austrian Empire and died in 1939 in London. Neurologist and great intellectual, known as the father of psychoanalytic theory. His research interests are focused in the field of neurology and he was gradually leaning towards a more psychological aspect related to mental disorders. There has always been academic debate about the scientific nature of his theories, constantly questioning. To develop his psychoanalytic theory he tried to give the concept “unconscious” a scientific status. This term refers to a kind of secret trunk where many images, emotions, instincts, experiences are, which are repressed and unknown to the person and beyond their conscience. The unconscious is the main object of study of psychoanalysis. Freud focused his psychoanalytic study from early childhood, when he already warns of an infantile sexuality that must be addressed to prevent future pathologies. As for the game, Freud attributed a vital role in the development of the child, because he considers it as a mean to freely express their needs, releasing pent-up emotions and satisfy them. He believes that through play impulses can be expressed that socially, in a formal context, are not accepted. These instincts or impulses usually respond to the instinct of pleasure.